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Online electrician supplies

The best stop for online shopping is the direct wholesale online shop which gives its customer the high quality of electrical supplies and lighting products of their own choices and needs suitable for the place where they wanted to install them. We gave our respected customers the wide range of electrical supplies, plumbing supplies and all electrical accessories manufactured by the professional and well known industrialists who gain their respect and and build up a trust worthy relationship between buyer and seller by giving their best to the wholesale market and to direct customers as well. The one vision of direct whole sale is to deliver the best product in the minimum cost price for our customers. This vision helps to please our customers by not making unreasonable profits and business through them. Addition to this we offers great deals for monthly and promotional savings too which are highly beneficial to our customers.

The electrical and lighting accessories which are useful in homes and for commercial places both are needed by electricians a lot to do their jobs. And we provide their bags with all these accessories and tools which are as follows:

  • Lighting and LED’S

We provide the range of lights and LED’s ( light emitting-diodes) which includes compact fluorescent lamps or energy saving lights which consume less electricity, food lights, decorative chandelier lights, desk lights, street lights, ballasts & igniters, and domestic tube lights.

  • Fans

The range of fans are available in different styles and designs suitable for large rooms, halls, malls, and offices etc. These includes ceiling fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, pedestal fans, table & personal fans, luxury fans and tower fans. They are available in different ranges of prices to facilitate our customers.

  • Flexible wirings

We give the best quality of flexible wiring range to our customer and that includes coaxial cables which helps in accepting digital satellite signals, fiberglass cables, multicore cables and wires, networking accessories & cables, telephone cables and accessories, solar DC wires, armored cables and shield wires.


Other than these we also provide protection devices with the vision of protecting our customers and make the flow of work smooth and steady, weatherproof devices for protection of rough weathers, tools and electrical hardware, switches and automation, appliances, switchgears, meters, cables and wires, tool and electrical hardware.

When people shop from our online stores we make sure that they got best products that satisfies our customer need. We also give assistance for the electrical accessories with their full knowledge and information. How to fit it and where to use with our proper team of customer care service. Here the consumer can directly connect themselves with the professional electrician’s team through emailing or calling us for guidelines and feedbacks about electrical accessories.

The home delivery of products have easy procedures at direct wholesale online site. The payment procedures can be made through maestro, visa, mastercard, mobikwik, paytm, icash card and etc. All these facilities are given for swift and smooth procedures to our customers benefit at direct wholesale.

Home décor for a dog-owner: minimal compromise needed

It is said that a house is hardly a home if it lacks paw prints. We say that if you choose to adopt a dog your home is its home too. This means that hair and slobber are part and parcel of the general state of the household – so is an assortment of dog toys and accessories, of course!

If you’ve come to terms with relative or occasional disarray you can come to terms with – or even embrace – the idea of altering your home décor to complement your dog-owner lifestyle.

Robust furniture

By eliminating delicate types of furniture you are hardly affecting the size of the selection from which to choose your pieces. Furniture is an investment. It is made to be sat on and gathered around. Even so, robustness can be enhanced or added by placing machine-washable throws over your couches to protect them from daily grime, scratches and hair that might accumulate on surfaces that your dog comes into contact with.

Minimal compromise needed: ottomans, sofas instead of armchairs, low-standing and thick-legged coffee tables

It is wise to train dogs from the onset that the couches are for the humans. This rule is no tragedy for a puppy if he or she has a comfortable alternative. Dog beds and dog cushions come in so many colours, shapes and sizes. The cosy corner that you foster for your pup will become its first choice for a relaxation-station. Purchase dog bedding in the colour of your choice according to your decided scheme and you are guaranteed stylistic continuity.

Minimal compromise needed: dog bedding with coordinated colour and design

Darker colours

Read carefully. Darker colours should be used in the correct places. Favouring black for a dog cushion intended for a light-haired dog can be a mistake; all the little hairs will be emphasised on the dark fabric. Instead, incorporate darker shades into flooring, rugs, and furniture that rests close to the ground. The everyday hustle and bustle in the house which includes the coming and going of busy doggies will inevitably lead to scuffs and dust. You will still need to clean and maintain these areas but the deterioration will be less prominent. Additionally you still have freedom of choice regarding your predominant colour scheme where walls, ornaments, shelves and lighting are concerned.

Minimal compromise needed: navy rugs, beech or ash wood furniture, lighter picture frames

Thoughtful accessorising

Anything that comes into your house essentially adds to its look and feel. This doesn’t mean that you should stop buying vegetables because green clashes with your new lampshades! It simply means that whether you are choosing a dining set or a dog collar, express your agency over the hue and design. Perhaps you hang the dog leash behind your kitchen door: indeed a correlation between your baby blue crockery and the similarly blue leash make for appealing décor consistency. And if you struggle to find the colours you’re looking for: browse online dog accessory shops which offer extensive variety to find the exact addition that will fit in with your decorating tastes.

Minimal compromise needed: buy dog accessories to suit your home – not the other way around

Even if you don’t quite get the décor right, wield the excuse that the pet fur gives the desired homey effect.

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