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Explaining the traditions behind a conventional church wedding

If there’s one thing that you’re never short of at a traditional church wedding, its traditions and superstitions. And while some traditions such as the role of bridesmaids would appear on face value to be simply a way of giving the bride a hand on her big day, you’d be wrong to think so. Have a look below at some of the most common wedding traditions and see if you learn a thing or two.

Say what?

It’s one of the most common sayings associated with weddings – “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. Fulfilling all of the above requirements is meant to bring a newly married couple luck in their life together. The something old is meant to be a link to the bride’s family’s past, and is often represented through a piece of precious family jewellery. Something new is usually taken to be the wedding dress and represents health and happiness for the future. Something borrowed represents the bonds between a bride and her family and the item must be returned after the wedding to ensure the good luck remains. Something blue, which represents fidelity, can be in the form of anything from a blue flower to a blue wedding garter.


Did you think bridesmaids were just there to make up the numbers and lift the bride’s train? Think again! Traditionally, bridesmaids were on evil spirit duty, their role being to confuse the devil and make sure that he was unable to tell which woman was actually getting married.

Blooming marvellous

Believed the flower in groom’s lapel was there just to look nice? Not a chance! Different flowers have different meanings, such as stephanotis which signifies marital happiness. The groom’s buttonhole is said to be linked to medieval times when a knight would wear his lady’s colours to signify his love and loyalty.

Pray remember May

When you decide to get married is of critical importance if traditional rhymes are to be believed. “If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember”. That’s how the saying goes, and for goodness sake don’t think about tying the knot in May. “Marry in the month of May, and you’ll live to rue the day “. Talk about getting things off to a bad start!

Let them eat cake

It’d be a pretty poor wedding without any cake, and when it comes to traditions, there is nothing more steeped in them than the wedding cake. Going back to Roman times, the wedding cake was actually in the form of lots of little buns made from wheat to symbolise wealth and fertility. After the ceremony the groom would break one over the bride’s head, again to ensure good luck and fertility. The cutting of today’s cakes is the first act that a bride and groom do together and this is said to represent the fact that they are now sharing their lives together. And of course the traditions don’t end there – the top tier of the cake should be saved until the christening of the couple’s first child.

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Many Varieties Of Used Safes For Sale Can Enrich Interior Security

In order to ensure that the possessions tend to be there with the deserving owners, there are various equipments that are being procured and implemented by the hotels and homes, wherever people tend to stay. These are required, as the guests may choose to leave back their precious belongings, including the cash, gems, jewelry items, etc., as it is not appropriate to carry them all over the place. This holds good especially when they are coming as tourists. Even for business travelers, the credit cards and other elements.

Much Needed For Precious Items:

It is not just the compartment that the safes tend to offer to their consumers, but also the locking mechanism, which is critical in preventing any sort of unauthorized entry or access to the items that are stored inside. These normally involve some mechanical components with the hard metals that do not break that easily with any brute force possible that would be applied on them by the possible perpetrators. While the electronic locking mechanisms are there, there are other systems in place, wherein the alarms can be raised to alert the authorities whenever an attempt to break open these safes is identified. There are so many types of used safes for sale that differ in terms of the size of items that they can store, as well as the mechanisms of locking that is provided to their users. The number and physical locks are so traditional, while those which tend to open with the pass code or passwords or number combinations are contemporary.

Looking Before Leaping:

It is easy for the hotels to also procure those with the biometrics unlocking mechanisms that are considered to be the safest means of protecting the goods that are stored within these compartments. However, they would have to thoroughly check upon the functioning and the mechanisms of used safes for sale to ensure that these are working perfectly well. They may even take the help of the engineers or those with the expertise in dealing with these products, so as to ensure that they are able to get the best value out of the monies that they will be investing in these valuable machines.

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