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How to Replace a Garage Door Opener

Once your garage door starts to make weird sounds while closing and opening, you need to change it immediately before disaster strikes. If you don’t know how to do to it, we are going to show you in this post, especially if you are familiar with garage door service Atlanta GA.

Remove the Old Opener

Remove the safety lenses on either side by unhooking the wiring from both lenses. Do the same thing to the motor. Once everything is clear, pull the rail located above the door. Loosen the bolts that hold the opener and retrieve the motor.

Assemble the New One

Assemble the new opener putting into consideration manufacturer’s details. Install the new motor into the head unit of the opener. You can order a new unit from companies like Superior Garage Doors, or find them at your local hardware store.

Installing the New Opener

Using a fastener to secure the rail, install the new motor at the same place where the old one was. Let someone help you hold the motor while you do the bolts and the nuts. Make sure the rails and the motor are at the same level when installing.

Reattach the Wires

Reattach the wires to the new safety lenses and make sure they fit where the old lenses were. Bring back the bracket to the rail. Test and adjust the new opener to make sure it’s operating well. You can invite a person who is skilled in garage door opener Atlanta to help you reattach the wires because it’s a delicate process.

Don’t attempt to replace a garage door opener if you have no experience. If you come from Lawrenceville, invite a garage door repair Lawrenceville GA specialist to help you.

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