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How good or bad it is in hiring part time housemaids

This article debates about hiring full time housemaids and part time house maids. In the past and to an extent today too in some parts of the world many rich families boast of having fulltime housemaids in their house. This shows that these families have sufficient money to hire fulltime housemaids. They can pay their monthly salaries, provide them a separate room to stay in their house and feed them good food. Nevertheless it is expensive these families can bear this burden and at the same time the lion share of the household chores would be handled by these housemaids. Families who can afford this it is considered as an investment.

Cannot afford full time housemaids 

Families which cannot afford full time housemaids but are in need of housemaids need not worry for they choose housemaids on part time basis. The part time housemaids would do the same load of work that full time housemaids do. The only difference is the house owners need not worry about their boarding and lodging all they need to pay is their monthly salaries. The easiest way of hiring a good and trustworthy part time housemaid is gathering Tips for Hiring Part Time Maids from families which already have part time housemaid at their service. The house maids would go to their workplace and complete their work and go back to their house. There is no question of boarding or lodging. This is of course much more affordable.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same way hiring part time housemaids also have the same. Let’s have a look at them.


One of the advantages of hiring part time housemaids is the adaptability. All house owners hire the services of part time housemaids to suit their comforts and needs. Before hiring the services of hiring their services they can gather the Tips for Hiring Part Time Nanny from various sources and then take the final call. The other advantage of part time housemaids is they can be hired as and when there is an event at home and once the event is over their services can be discontinued. There are companies who provide well experienced and well trained housemaids on part time basis. The added advantage is they also provide Tips for Hiring Flooring Singapore at an affordable cost.


The company will not provide the same housemaids again and again. Getting accustomed with them would be difficult task for the house owners and their other family members.

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