Indonesia a Design country

A unique and exotic island nation in the Pacific Ocean

Indonesia is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its forests which have a myriad number of creatures. There are so many species of reptiles that one new species is being found for every week or so in the country. It is also a safe haven for many amphibians like frogs. Also there are numerous species of mammals like flying squirrels, orang-utans, tigers and other larger mammals. Apart from the fauna of the tropical forests, it is also a rich source of trees. There are so many varieties of trees that are found only in the country. However large parts of these forests are being cut every day. The main reason behind this deforestation is that they are being cleared for growing of plantation trees like rubber. Moreover, these hard wooded trees are being used to create furniture that is being used all over the world. This timber industry is a very large one in Indonesia and it is creating a lot of wealth for the country at the cost its natural resources. However not all is lost in this cause and the government is introducing reforestation process to the places that have already been cleared out.

Why Indonesia excels in making world class furniture

As the timber industry and furniture industry are yielding a huge part of the money for the people, a lot of advancements in the technology have come to this country. Today, tourfrombali is capable of designing a lot of different furniture that are loved all over the world. Even as more and more designing companies have sprouted up in the country, there is always scope for this evergreen industry that is based on the evergreen forests. Most of the designs are exported to China, along with the necessary wood to make the furniture. China, being the manufacturing and production hub of the world, is more apt for the production of this furniture. The cost of labour in China is relatively cheaper and also they have the machinery for the large scale production which lacks in Indonesia. It is no wonder that many people source their furniture from here.

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