Sandstone Paving

All You Need to Know About Sandstone Paving

Most of the imported sandstones are of good quality. However, there are a few unscrupulous importers who bring in sandstones of low quality. To determine the quality of sandstone, there are two things that you need to check out. The first one is competence. This shows how well the grains of the sandstone are cemented together. You can check this out by attempting to crumble a portion of the flagstone’s corner between the thumb and the middle finger. Poor quality sandstone disintegrates when you apply pressure and leaves sand grains on your fingers. Apart from competence, it is also important to check for the sandstone’s delamination. Even though it is not common, some of the sandstones imported to the UK flake into their individual layers when exposed to damp climate of Britain.

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The attraction of Indian sandstone paving lies in large part to its elegance and visual appeal. Even though it is popular in the UK, few buyers have enough information about sandstone paving to make informed buying decisions. This is majorly because unlike in the past when most of the paving materials came from the north of the United Kingdom, most of sandstone paving materials are now imported from other parts of the world, particularly India. As a result of ignorance on the part of buyers less reputable importers and traders often lie to them about the quality of the sandstones they sell to them. To make sure that you always get value for your money here is important information that you need to know before buying sandstones:
Understanding Quality Grades

The easiest way of knowing the quality of sandstone is to check its grade. There are three major grades that are sold in the UK- firsts, seconds and seconds rejects. Firsts are of the best quality and are suitable for all types of projects. Seconds are not as attractive or as neatly finished as firsts but are of reasonable quality. They are majorly applied in patio projects. Seconds rejects is of the lowest quality of the three although you can still get some reasonably good ones for simple projects.

Hopefully this information will come in handy when buying sandstones. The better informed you are the more likely you are to get value for your money.
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