Dunlopillo Mattresses for Relaxed Sleep

Of all the furniture in a home, beds are used the most and a good bed with a comfortable mattress is very important. The Dunlopillo mattresses range offers a wide choice to suit all tastes. Some people prefer a firm supportive mattress while others like theocracy and choose a soft, billowy, enveloping bed. Whatever the taste, Dunlopillo mattresses have the perfect solution. Matched with Dunlopillo divan bases and pillows, a good night’s rest is guaranteed. Enjoying a full night’s relaxed sleep is very important to the rest of the day, so the right choice of bed to sleep in, as well as offering relaxing sleep will also invigorate the rest of the day. Dunlopillo mattresses have always been leaders in their field and this tradition continues with the new modern additions to the range. Dunlopillo have been creating mattresses for upwards of 30 years, using 100% Dunlopillo latex to ensure maximum performance and comfort.

The Choice of Dunlopillo Mattresses

The choice of Dunlopillo mattresses is vast, coming under three ranges: Classic, Harmonize and TempSmart and each range includes several models. You can see more choices here.

The ClassicRange follows the tried and tested formula which has put Dunlopillo at the top of their field; producing mattresses of 100% Dunlopillo latex in several firmness choices and finished with a woven soft cover for reduced humidity and better air circulation.

The HarmonizeRangeis designed for those who like to stay warm and cozy at night, as these Dunlopillo mattresses combine the classic Dunlopillo 100% latex with a special added layer designed to store heat and release it slowly as the body’s temperature decreases. The classic soft woven cover finishes off this effect, while also remaining cool on warm nights.

The TempSmartRange is developed from 100% vegetable oil and microcapsules which ensure these Dunlopillo mattresses are warm when needed and also cool when needed, depending on temperatures. This ensures a comfortable night all year round.

Why Dunlopillo Mattresses Are Best

There are many more than one reasons why Dunlopillo mattresses are best, not least of which their use of Dunlopillo 100% latex. Dunlopillo’s more than 30 years experience is evident in the quality of the mattresses they produce, alongside their divan bases and pillows. The enormous range of choice allows each individual to find the perfect mattress to suit their tastes and those with body temperature problems at night will find extra comfort: those who suffer with cold at night, or those who find themselves overheating, will all find comfort in one of the clever Dunlopillo mattresses.

The harmonize range of mattresses has a special layer added to the classic 100% latex, which is designed to stall the body’s heat and only release it as required; as the body cools. Also there is the very clever TempSmart range that is made with 100% vegetable oil plus millions of microcapsules, to keep bodies at optimum temperature, whether in winter or summer.

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