The Simple Guide to Buying a Vintage Rug

Are you looking to add a vintage rug to your décor? Understanding what to expect is one effective way of averting fraud and falling prey to substandard quality. You will agree with me that the vintage style is slowly seeping into various trends in clothing and décor. While the retail stores may not necessarily have a collection of vintage rugs, online rug shopping can make the purchase easier and smoother.

Vintage is used to imply the past style with no word that qualifies to be the exact definition. Keep in mind that there are some factors that every old rug purchaser must consider before executing the purchase. Discerning the details to take account of will ensure that you get what you want.

While antique rugs are more concerned with the era or particular decade they were made, their vintage counterparts take style more into account than their exact age. That implies that a recently made rug with the same styling as that of an antique rug is not antique. An antique can, therefore, be considered vintage, but the reverse is not necessarily true.

What to look for in a vintage rug

The most primary thing look for in a rug is its color and the design. The condition of the rug also matters when shopping for a vintage rug. The old rugs come in different conditions and the degree of imperfection on the rug that you are willing to accept mostly depends on you personally. A vintage rug enthusiasts, however, will not be too much concerned with the fading or patching on the rugs since they play a significant role in adding to the vintage appeal.

Styles of Vintage Rugs

When out shopping for vintage rugs, there are a few various styles of the rugs that you will want to know beforehand. This knowledge will aid in ensuring that you make the right choice for the rug to purchase. Depending on the decorating style that you are willing to go for, the style of the rug you pick will determine if you will achieve your desire.

When it comes to the style choices, antique rugs can rarely fit in. However, there are some vintage styles that were borrowed from the old ages. You may want to consider them too. Some of the vintage styles include Mid-century Modern rugs, Overdyed Persian rugs, Shabbic chic, and the Patchwork rugs.

Beware of Imposters

Since the idea of vintage has a broad scope, it is prudent to inquire the theory that the seller or the manufacturer of the rugs used to label the rug vintage. Remember that vintage will mostly be used to refer to the style of the rug rather than the age of the carpet itself. The right definition will depend on the type of decoration you want to add to your home.

Final thoughts

The choice of the vintage rug you will take home will depend on your definition of vintage. Are you looking for a specific style or a particular age? Answers to these two questions will give you the base for the decision of the rug you want to purchase.


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